AlUla - Abdulrahman Al Nasser
The "Ancient Kingdoms Festival" promotes cultures that strike deep into history..

The "Ancient Kingdoms Festival", organized by The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), which connects AlUla, with the governorates of Tayma and Khaybar, through various historical cultural experiences, kicked off yesterday.

The festival, which ends on December 2, will be a link between various historical sites in Khaybar and Tayma, enhancing cultural experiences through stories dating back thousands of years, crossing between ancient Arab civilizations and kingdoms, and connecting diverse cultures throughout history.

The opening ceremony was attended by 15 delegations from the international press, including “Riyadh newspaper”. The festival is a historical link between the three governorates: Alula, Tayma and Khaybar, through cultural experiences, highlighting the unique identity of each site and the history it carries, ranging from light shows to balloon flights, as well as helicopter tours and guided tours of various heritage sites that express the human heritage.

Tayma was known in ancient times for its unique location on the historical incense road, where it is one of the archaeological treasures through which archaeological discoveries continue, embodying a recorded history that combines successive civilizations, which embraces the largest well in the Arabian Peninsula.

Also, Khaybar governorate is one of the most important historical places and is famous for its commercial market and geographical nature, in addition to stone structures dating back to prehistoric times and taking various shapes, including rectangles.

While the ancient city of Al-Hajar continues its deep historical fascination, as one of the most prominent sites within the festival of the Ancient Kingdoms, which expresses the Nabataean civilization, and a vital center on the incense road, which is one of the sites that exist today on the world map of heritage monuments according to the classification of UNESCO, the visitor center provides a full explanation of the recent developments presented by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Suhibani, where the delegations were briefed on the structure of the face of a woman dating back to the Nabataean era, as it was discovered in the city of "Al Hajar", known as "Hnat", in addition to the light shows in " Al Hajar".

As well as exploring with archaeologists at the excavation sites, "Mount Ikmah", which is the largest library of inscriptions in the world, and watching the largest art show to introduce the inscriptions, life stories of the Ancient City of Dadan and animal inscriptions that were found in Alula 3000 thousand years ago.

The festival also offers a glimpse of the "Tayma" oasis located at the crossroads of Civilizations, a visit to the "Hadaj well", which is a masterpiece believed to have been built by the last king of Babylon, as well as the "Najm market", and a tour of Tayma with a visit to the "Rumman Palace", also called the "governor's Palace", which is a wonderful example of Arabic architecture, accompanied by an audio tour guide service.

On the other side of the "Ancient Kingdoms Festival", we find "Khaybar", with its history and culture deep in history, and its places such as "Khaybar camp", close to a volcanic crater, and there every visitor has the opportunity to experience the "adventure paths" through the lava, which are formed in a long-time cultural experience.

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