Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan Sign MoU on Anti-corruption

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), and Azerbaijan, represented by the Prosecutor General's Office, in Baku today, signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of anti-corruption and enhancing cooperation.
President of Nazaha Mazin Al-Kahmous and Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Dr. Kamran Aliyev signed the memo in the presence of Saudi Ambassador to Azerbaijan Essam bin Saleh Al-Jutaili.
The memorandum of understanding encompassed various aspects, primarily aiming to enhance collaboration in combating cross-border corruption crimes, facilitating the exchange of information related to such offenses, and strengthening the institutional capacity of both parties.
During the signing ceremony, Al-Kahmous and Aliyev convened a meeting on the sidelines to explore mutual interests and delve into cooperation prospects between their respective sides.

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