AlUla First-Ever Mideast Tough Mudder Infinity Challenge Allocates Prizes of Over SAR1.8 Million

Tough Mudder, the world's most popular obstacle-course racing challenge, has announced the allocation of prizes totalling more than SAR1.8 million, to be awarded to the winners during the opening events of the Tough Mudder Infinity Challenge in AlUla, which includes the largest individual prize in the history of obstacle-course racing.
This eight-hour competition aims to test the muscular and mental endurance of the contestants, which will be scheduled on Saturday, February 24 of next year, in AlUla Governorate.
The vice president of Destination Marketing and Management at the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), Rami Almoallim, said that over thousands of years, AlUla has witnessed man's connection with nature. Now, the Tough Mudder Infinity event comes to connect man with nature again in a new way full of contest and excitement.
He added: "This event is an exciting chapter in AlUla's journey in the world of sports and adventure, as it provides the prospect for athletes and adventure enthusiasts to challenge themselves for 8 hours on the rugged obstacle course, reflecting the beauty of nature in the ancient oasis of AlUla, and offering a remarkable experience for all participants".
The Tough Mudder license holder in the Middle East, Nick Cartwright, also reiterated that "We're pleased to present such large prize money to support the event, which is being held for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where competitors face many extreme obstacles that they can overcome and defeat with muscle strength and well-consideration together".
He also indicated that, for individual races, "The amount of prizes provided to the participating athletes amounts to SAR300,000 for the winners of the individual competitions for men and women, which is the largest individual prize in the history of obstacle course racing, while the second place winner will receive SAR120,000 and the third place winner will receive SAR60,000".
Meanwhile, for teams consisting of two people, the winning team will receive a prize worth SAR75,000 at a rate of SAR37,500 per winner, the second-place winners will receive SAR30,000, and SAR15,000 will go to the third-place winners.
The cash prizes offered in the challenge for the winning team of 4 individuals include an amount of SAR150,000, SAR37,500 for each winner, and SAR18,750 for males and females who are the fastest to finish the race during the contest day. The winners of the top ten places will also receive valuable financial prizes, as these awards reflect AlUla's interest in strengthening its position as a global sports hub.
Cartwright said that participants can register for the Tough Mudder Infinity Challenge in AlUla as individuals or in teams of two or four people. For athletes looking to compete in a less challenging event, they can do so through the 5 km and 10 km races.
Those interested in participating in the Tough Mudder Infinity Challenge in AlUla can book their tickets through the following link:, which includes race entry tickets and two-night accommodation in a camp equipped with the highest specifications and standards, including food, in addition to transportation from the airport, and a package of entertainment.

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