36th International Conference of Muslims of Latin America and the Caribbean Concludes with Key Recommendations

The 36th International Conference of Muslims of Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by the Islamic Dawah Center in Sao Paulo under the theme "Muslim Family among the Values of Islam and Contemporary Challenges", concluded yesterday with several key recommendations that stress the importance of familiarizing Muslims with the importance of family in Islam, spreading knowledge of Muslim family's rights and duties, instilling the values of Islam in the youth and promoting moral values within families and society.
 Researchers and specialists from different countries attended the conference.
 Among the recommendations was the establishment of a committee comprising experts in family affairs, both from within and outside South America that would be responsible for formulating a comprehensive action plan to address Muslim family issues in South American countries. Moreover, three primary programs were proposed: parental guidance to promote Islamic values and tackle contemporary challenges, training teachers in Islamic schools and weekend schools to foster Islamic values and prevent intrusive destructive ideas, and training preachers and imams to promote Islamic values and confront contemporary challenges.
 The recommendations highlighted the importance of creating a Spanish and Portuguese platform for parental programs focused on spreading faith, education, and skills to preserve their children's identity. Also suggested was the establishment of a specialized professional diploma in family education at a South American university, creating Islamic culture courses in Portuguese and Spanish for Muslim children in Islamic schools, and hosting a competition for Spanish and Portuguese cultural content centered around Muslim family issues.
 Participants in the conference commended the Kingdom's initiatives, including holding three summits to ask for a halt the destructive war in Gaza and the provision of relief convoys by sea and air. They also strongly denounced the mass killings, massacres and displacement of the Palestinian people in Gaza, and said that the international community should protect Palestinian people, hospitals, ambulances and schools.

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