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SAIP Receives 5,837 Patent Applications from inside, outside Kingdom in 2022

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) received 5,837 patent applications inside and outside the Kingdom in 2022.
The National Strategy for Intellectual Property topped the SAIP's annual report for 2022, as one of the enablers to achieve the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. The strategy aims to build an intellectual property system that supports the innovation-based economy and develops creative individuals through a culture of imagination and challenge. It also aims to develop commercial enterprises based on intellectual property and build a culture of respect for innovative efforts across society.
The SAIP utilized all its capabilities and capacities to serve creative individuals, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors as well as to facilitate procedures for obtaining protection certificates in all intellectual property fields.
In 2022, the SAIP received 5,837 patent applications from inside and outside the Kingdom, along with 51 requests to expedite the procedures for examining patent applications. The applications targeted items of economic value to the Kingdom by a special segment of innovators. In the same year, the SAIP also recorded 40,287 trademark applications from inside and outside the Kingdom and 838 requests for voluntary registration of copyright works, reflecting a 30.33 percent increase from 2021.
Moreover, 43 new names were added to the Locarno Classification for industrial designs. The SAIP recorded 1,508 applications for industrial designs from inside and outside the Kingdom, 7.71% increase from 2021. The authority also recorded 35% increase in applications for integrated circuit layout designs, reaching 27.

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